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Thinking of dying your hair a fun color but not sure what would go with your skin tone? We understand. Sometimes you see a beautiful pastel pink on someone else and think you look amazing, but dying your hair the same color washes your complexion out completely.

The reason for this is that people have different skin tones. These tones can be subtle, but they look really obvious with the wrong hair color.

You're probably here because you've identified your skin tone as warm. Warm skin tones are beautiful and vibrant. The right hair color can really make you stand out and make you look healthy and radiant.

But the wrong hair color can make you look sickly.

So what unnatural hair colors look good on warm skin tones?Almost any unnatural hair color can go well with your skin tone, as long as that color is also warm. Fortunately, any color can be warmed up if it contains the right undertones - e.g. Peach pink or turquoise blue are examples of warm-toned hair colors.

In this post, we go over all the different funky hair colors that would go well with your warm skin.

Make sure you have a warm skin tone.

Before we dive into the best hair colors for warm skin tones, let's confirm that you really do have a warm skin tone.

look in the mirror

Warm skin tones have yellow, peach, and gold undertones. The best way to find out if it's you is to stand in natural light and look in the mirror. Make sure you don't wear makeup for this exercise.

Now look at your face and notice if the tones you see are peach and gold. If they are pink or cooler white, you might actually have cool skin.

look at your veins

Another trick that can help you figure out your skin's undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. They look blue or green. If yours looks green, you probably have a warm undertone.

What if I see both?

Some people have hints of both tones in their skin. If your veins are greenish and bluish and your face tends to have some cool colors and peach accents, congratulations: you have neutral undertones!

Having neutral undertones means you can wear just about any color without fading. That said, even people with neutral undertones tend to prefer cool or warm colors.

If you're still not 100% sure what your undertones are, think about the spot color that suits you best. Silver? They lean towards the cooler side. Golden? You tend to be hot.

Now that you've confirmed that you have a warm skin tone, let's discuss which colors work best with your complexion.

Which colors look best on warm skin tones

As a general rule, warm skin tones go best with warm hair colors. It's a simple rule, but in practice it can be difficult to enforce.

Some colors are tricky. Can blue hair colors be hot? Blue is a cool color, so as a warm skinned person you can't wear blue hair?

We have good news for you: almost every color in the world can be either “warm” or “cool”, even colors that we traditionally consider one or the other.

So yes, you can absolutely pull off blue hair if you have a warm skin tone, as long as the blue color you choose is a warm blue.

The same rule applies to the other unnatural colors you might be considering. You can wear pink hair, but it looks better when it's a hot pink. You can take green hair as long as it's a warm green. You can pull off red, purple, and yellow hair as long as they are all warm.

Let's look at each group of colors to find out which specific colors would suit your complexion well.

Best pink hair color for warm skin tones

Pink hair colors are incredibly popular. They can make you look fun, young and trendy. There are a wide variety of rose colors to choose from. Here's how each type of pink would look on your warm skin tone:

plain pink

regularpink hair colorit can be used on both warm skin tones and cool skin tones as it has neutral undertones. You can definitely remove it and it won't eliminate it.


Rosais another interesting shade of pink that usually has neutral undertones. It can be used by people with both warm and cool skin tones, but it looks a little better on warm skin tones.

dark pink

dark pinkit's a beautiful, ethereal color, but it's definitely on the cool side. If you have warm undertones, dusty pink is likely to wash out your features and make your skin more sallow. We do not recommend this hair color if you have very hot skin.

Best choice: Rose Gold Pink

rose rose goldit's our top pick for warm skin tones. This color even has the word "gold" in it because it's so warm. Sometimes rose gold can even look peach. All these colors look amazing with warm skin tones. They won't fade it and make your skin radiant with a healthy tone.

Best purple hair color for warm skin tones

Purple hair colors are generally considered cool, but there are some that actually contain a lot of warm undertones and can work really well on warm skin tones. Just stay away from cool purple ones.

Here are the most popular purple hair colors and how they would look on warm skin tones:

purple plum

purple plumit's usually a dark hair color that looks brown or black in some lights but has purple highlights in bright light.

Plum is considered a neutral purple color, so both cool-toned and warm-toned people can benefit from it.

purple lavender

Another popular purple hair color trend is paledusty lavender. While we like this color on some people, it looks really nice on warm skin tones. Lavender is a bluish purple color with some gray undertones. You can certainly give it a try, but it will likely make your skin look washed out and unhealthy.


chestnut orBurgundy, it's a purple color with lots of red undertones so it would look amazing on warm skin tones! Brown is usually on the darker side, so it might not work for you if you want a pastel purple, but brown is a great alternative to the plum purple discussed above, as it will bring out your warm undertones.

Best choice: magenta purple

Magentait's a hot pink color, so magenta-purple is a slightly cooler version of it. It's still technically a warm color, and if you're looking for a fun, bright option for your hair, this is our go-to pick.

Best blue hair color for warm skin tones

Believe it or not, blue can look amazing on warm skin tones. However, many blue hair colors are really cool for your complexion. This is how most blues look on warm skin:

classic blue

Imagine the primary color blue. This is what we mean when we talk about it.classic blue. This color is cool through and through. In fact, it's the complete opposite color to your skin tone on the color wheel.

This color will not only wash you out, but it will also counteract any heat and leave you looking pale and ghostly.

silver blue

silver blueit's a big trend right now. It is essentially a light gray color with blue undertones. It looks amazing on some people, but it's not the best choice for people with warm skin tones.

We recommend choosing a warmer color that suits your skin.

Best pick: Teal

This is a perfect hair color for warm skin tones.Blue greenit's a warmed blue with yellow undertones, landing somewhere between a blue and a green. Because of the heat, it looks amazing on warm skin tones.

The best thing about teal is that it is versatile: you can have light pastel blue hair or deep light pastel curls. Both options suit you incredibly well!

Best green hair color for warm skin tones

Green is made up of blue and yellow, so it can be on either side of the spectrum, depending on which color is predominant.

There are cooler greens and warmer greens, with warmer skin tones looking better in warmer greens. Here are popular green hair colors and how they would look on warm skin tones:


Onormal green coloris usually neutral. You can pull it off if you have warm or cool undertones. Green is generally a medium to dark hair color so if you don't mind having darker hair then it would be a great option for you.


Smaragdgrünit is a deep green shade reminiscent of the color of emeralds. It's usually a slightly cooler version of regular green, so it's best suited for those with cool skin tones.

If you have warmer skin, emerald green can make you look washed out.

Verde neon

Verde neonit has a lot of yellow so it would look amazing on warm skin tones! If you're brave enough to rock such a bright look, we recommend it. It will make you look stunning and all eyes will be on you when you walk into the room.

Best choice: Olive Green

olive greenit's a warm green color that would look amazing on warm skin tones! It would improve your skin and make you look healthy and glowing. It's our top pick for green colors that bring out the beauty of your skin tone.

Best red hair color for warm skin tones

You might think that all red colors are technically hot, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There are many red colors that have obvious blue undertones and would not look good on warm skin tones.

Here are some of the most popular "unnatural" red hair colors:

red fire truck

red fire truckIt is a bright, bold red color commonly associated with fire engines and the primary color red.

It is a neutral color that you can go for whether you have warm or cool skin tones. However, we think there are better options for your skin when you're blushing.


Burgundyit is a deep, dark red, reminiscent of the color of red wine. It looks great on dark hair and adds a touch of edginess to your look. Unfortunately, burgundy is not ideal for warm skin tones as it has too many cool undertones. It can make your skin look excessively yellow and washed out.


Althoughcopperin fact, it's not an "unnatural" hair color - some people are just born with it - it's a pretty rare color. And it looks amazing on people with warm skin tones.

Copper can enhance your peach glow and make you look amazing. If you're looking for a more natural red, this is a great option.

To ask

red berryit's a mixture of red and pink. Think about the color of raspberries. It's a pretty color, but it attracts more cold than heat. We do not recommend this color if you have very warm undertones in your skin.

Best choice: orange-red

rotten orangeit's a perfect color for warm skin tones, especially if you're looking for a bright, punchy color that makes a statement. Red-orange has many warm undertones and will look harmonious with your warm skin tone. This is our top pick for a red color on warm skin.

Best yellow and orange hair colors for warm skin tones

The yellow and orange hair colors will look great on your warm skin, so it's hard to go wrong!

Our only advice would be to stay away from neon yellow, which can have a greenish undertone and look too cold for a warm complexion.

Otherwise, you can use any yellow hair color: from light blond to bright yellow.

Same goes for orange hair: you would look good in pastel orange and bright orange hair color.

final thoughts

A warm skin tone shouldn't stop you from enjoying the wide range of funky and fun hair colors. Despite what anyone may have said, you can look good in green, pink, and even blue.

The trick is to always choose the warmest shade of the hair color you want. As long as you follow this rule, you really can't go wrong.

And even if you opt for a totally cool color - it's not the end of the world. If it goes well with the rest of your look, it doesn't matter if it affects your skin tone. As long as you like the way you look, you can dye your hair any color you like! This post is mostly about reasoning and not hard and fast rules.

We hope you find this helpful in your hair coloring journey!

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